Rhode Island Property Advisory Company



RIPAC is a management company specializing in the needs of condominium trusts and owners. For more than 15 years, we have been successful in minimizing owner responsibility and enhancing the investment value of their property by providing responsive and comprehensive management services.

We currently provide property management services for over 75 properties throughout Rhode Island. The properties managed by us range from complexes with less than 10 units to over 100 units. The attention and performance by the property managers remains constant despite the size of the property.

We employ a conservatively large staff which allows us to effectively manage all the properties while maintaining a personal relationship with each Association.

Property management is the deciding factor in condominium trust and owners reaping the rewards and realizing the benefits of their real estate investment. A poorly managed association can make ownership a virtual nightmare. Our goal is to work in cooperative with the Association to create a management plan to successfully manage the physical and financial affairs of the property. We are committed to association and owner satisfaction.

Although property management will never be problem free, our experience shows that we can achieve satisfaction through outstanding service, accountability, control, communication and superior personnel.

We offer advantages to our clients by applying sound and proven management principles to all of our services. We’ve built our business on understanding the vital role property management plays in both owner satisfaction and the projection of real estate investments. We can relieve the Board of Directors of the burden and time consuming personal attention to detail needed in running your Association. We can assure your Association of satisfaction and maintained property value by our commitment, experience, excellent service and clear communication.