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Coordination & Support

Its our purpose to identify needs and to find and carry out solutions, so that you don't have to. We will negotiate contracts with outside services such as snow removal, landscaping, etc.


Constant and thorough communication with property owners and within RIPAC, keeps your Association ahead of problems and on top of solutions.


Meeting and conquering the countless steps in making payments, billing, collections and banking is the business of property management.


RIPAC offers decided advantages to our clients by applying sound and proven management principles to all our services. We’ve built our business on understanding the vital role property management plays in both owner satisfaction and the protection of real estate investments. RIPAC can relieve the Board of Directors of the burden and time consuming personal attention to detail needed in running your Association.

  • More than 20 years experience in custom property management for residential and commercial complexes.
  • Constant attention and performance throughout a range in size of managed complexes.
  • Expertise, Experience and Systems to tailor a management plan to the size and needs of your Association.
  • The unique and proprietary RIPAC Property Management and Inspection Team assures quality through accountability, communication and owner contact.
  • The RIPAC Computerized Maintenance Response System is set up to schedule, track and verify the satisfactory completion of work done on an as-needed or scheduled basis.
  • Emergency services available to all owners around the clock.
  • Well-developed safety programs with an emphasis on safe equipment, supplies and procedures.
  • Above all, a commitment to you, the Association and owners, from everyone at RIPAC.
"Property Management is the deciding factor in condominium trusts and owners reaping the rewards and realizing the benefits of their real estate investment."
John P. Morgan
RIPAC President